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Rules and policies

Student absences


Parents/guardians should phone the school prior to or on the day of the absence on (07) 3826 1366.

If a student is late they should bring a note from a parent/guardian and report to the student services office before going to class. 

If a student has to leave early or has an appointment they should supply a note to the student counter from a parent/guardian explaining the early departure.  

Mobile phones and other personal technology devices

It is preferable that students do not bring mobile phones or other personal technology devices to school. If students do bring a device to school it must be switched off during class or at any time when the student is receiving instruction or being addressed by a staff member.

If a student is caught using their phone for any purpose during class time it will be confiscated and kept at the office until the end of the day when it may be collected.

The school accepts no responsibility for lost or stolen phones or other personal technology devices. As it is a breach of the Privacy Act students are not permitted to use any such device to take photos or video footage or record audio of other students or staff without permission. Any student caught doing this will have their technology confiscated and could face further consequences.

School code of behaviour


Kingston State College is committed to providing a safe, respectful and disciplined learning environment for students and staff, where students have opportunities to engage in quality learning experiences and acquire values supportive of their lifelong wellbeing.

The Responsible behaviour plan for students (PDF, 951KB) is designed to facilitate high standards of behaviour so that the learning and teaching in our school can be effective and students can participate positively within our school community.

Our school community has identified the following principles of behaviour to teach and promote our high standards of responsible behaviour:

  • Courtesy

  • Commonsense

  • Cooperation

  • Commitment

Our principles of behaviour have been agreed upon and endorsed by all staff and our school P&C. They are aligned with the values, principles and expected standards outlined in Education Queensland’s Code of School Behaviour. 

Should you be unable to download the document from this page, please contact us and we will provide a copy via the school.