Why choose our school?



Kingston State College celebrates over 45 years since our official opening, we are proud of the excellent standard of secondary schooling across our two dynamic campuses - a 7 to 12 State High School and our Re-Engagement Centre - Kingston Learning College. This Re-Engagement Campus has an excellent reputation for success, using a quarterly model of enrolment and offering students the opportunity to complete one to three subjects and vocational educational training to transition from Years 9 to 12 and onto further pathways. 

Completion of the QLD Certificate of Education is a goal for each student at both campuses. This is combined with opportunities to complete an ATAR pathway aligned to QCAA guidelines also available at both campuses.

 Our College is located in the suburb of Kingston in Logan City south of Brisbane, an expansive campus with recently renovated excellent facilities. The demographic make-up of our students include: A high population of immigrants whose first language is not English, including 40% of students from Pacific Islander background; 14.5% of students from Indigenous background; Refugee students from Africa and the Middle East; 14% of students in Special Education and increased numbers "in care" situations.

From 2018 - 2021 the College's Strategic Plan has focused on the core priorities of Reading and Writing: Teacher Capacity; a revised Whole School Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Plan; and Student Wellbeing and Community Engagement. These priorities are underpinned by excellent teaching and learning practice aligned to our School Vision 'Nothing Left to Chance' and our pedagogical signature practices from the New Art and Science of Teaching (ASOT) and strategies from the ‘Lyn Sharratt Clarity Framework’. 

The commencement of the 2021 year saw the beginning of our journey to embrace a new Four Year Plan. Our Whole School Review feedback across the nine major domains strongly acknowledged our College Community improvement across our Teaching and Learning. The resulting year long Priority Action Plan to ensure consistent quality assurance processes to lift the College’s Teaching and Learning performance, was completed in March 2022. This involved a team of three staff from the Education Improvement Branch accompanied by our Assistant Regional Director (ARD) Brian Ragh. 

Our staff were congratulated and applauded for their meticulous attention to detail in the progress over the 12 month period. The College achieved the measurable outcomes as outlined in Phase One of the Plan of 2021, which included an increase in our A-E data Years 7 to 9 in Semester 2 Reporting Data. The College will now move forward to develop the full Four Year Quadrennial School Review (QSR), maintaining that same sharp, narrow focus as we further target and unpack all of the Key Improvement Strategies from the original review in 2021. We are looking forward to engaging the extended Community as part of this Strategic Plan process​

Last reviewed 19 May 2023
Last updated 19 May 2023