Secondary special education program


The goal of the Kingston State College Special Education program is to provide an inclusive education for all students with disabilities or learning difficulties and that all students with disabilities/learning difficulties will graduate Year 12 with either a ATAR or QCIA dependent on their academic functioning ability, connected to a post-school support network and with a post-school transition plan. 

The Special Education Program at Kingston State College supports students across both campuses – main school and Learning Centre.  

Students verified with disability supported through a 3 tier approach, they are supported at 3 levels:

  • Tier 1 - integrated into mainstream classes with support from teacher aides     and curriculum adjustments that are planned by the classroom teacher, or
  • Tier 2 - allocated to a supported class, taught by special education teachers, with teacher aide support and the curriculum is adjusted to a more achievable level with adjustments to assessment tasks and classroom tasks on daily basis.
  • Tier 3 – is a small group of students functioning academically at extremely low levels in comparison to age peers, and some may have significant, complex needs.

QCIA (senior Year 11/12 students) 
Following discussions with parents/carers at the Year 10 SETP Interview some students will have the option to follow an alternate, more individualised program through their senior years of schooling. Students can select to attend elective subjects but will assigned individual goals which they will be required to demonstrate independently.  They may also, in some cases, participate in elective subjects with adjustments to the curriculum. The QCIA is based on individualised goals and is also points based, and is designed for students that require a highly individualised program in the senior years.  The QCIA is an official record that a student has completed 12 years of education. It summarises the student’s skills and competencies for employers and training providers.

Senior students who acquire a traineeship or attend a TAFE or educational training program are allocated a line of study spares.  Students will work with a Special Education Teacher or Teacher aide on assessment tasks or complete additional literacy or numeracy tasks.  

Skills for Vocational Pathway
Students in Year 10 are given the option of enrolling in Certificate I in Skills for Vocational Pathway instead of Science.  Students study and develop skills in preparation for post school work.  They learn and develop knowledge pertaining to Work Place health and Safety, interview skills, personal appearance, job seeking skills and participate in 40 (forty) hours of structured work placement.  

Last reviewed 06 December 2021
Last updated 05 June 2020